Friday, November 28, 2008

Graphic Designer Axeel Peemoeller- Interview

Axel Peemöeller is a young freelance graphic designer. His collaborations can be found around the world in different industries such as music, literature and fashion, just to name a few.
He currently lives in Hamburg but has lived all around the world.
I was fascinated by his creativity after seeing some of his work.

I also had the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions..

Q: I understand you have done some work with fashion? What have you done?
A: For about five years I was running a small label which was mainly about print graphics. I have also designed graphics for some skate and snowboard companies. At the moment I am working for a girl's fashion label. But as I am a graphic designer, I mainly design the graphics that go on the fabric of garments, labels and tags. I would love to work on a corporate identity or on a shop fitting for a fashion label.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I love life and I love looking and touching things, everywhere I go I keep my eyes open. I get inspired by mechanisms, nature, animals, music, constructions, errors and processes.

Q: Where do you get ideas from?
A: Hard to say, I try to force myself to think in different ways, try to find an alternative solution which is different to the obvious, I try to simplify thoughts and ideas or show a process. Usually while experimenting I get ideas.

Q: With what industry would you like to do a project with (a new industry)?
A: If I can morally agree to the industry and people's intentions, it would be any industry. Interesting projects can be done for any industry, so it depends more on the client. I wish I could do more environmental design or objects like sculptures.

Q: What and where has been the most visually creative thing/place you've ever seen/been?
A: Oh at first I didn't know how to answer this, but the underwater world in Malaysia was definitely the most visually creative place I have seen.

Q: What is your favorite color??
A: Black

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