Thursday, November 6, 2008

Federico Uribe

Not long ago a friend of mine introduced me to Federico's art. I was completely surprised by his talent, patience and creativity. 
I also love his word game when naming his creations.
Seeing his art pieces in person can double the fascination as the surrealism of his pieces becomes somehow real and alive.
The first thing I asked my friend who showed me his work was why wasn't he HUGE!? More well known and famous? And actually he is huge, well known and famous, but his low profile beats his fame.

Colombian artist Federico Uribe lives and works in Miami Beach. He is currently represented by Galleries in Italy, France, Spain, Miami and Latin America.
Federico is a conceptual artist who's creations come through out the use of industrial products and objects of the daily life such as baby bottle nipples, plastic forks, screws and coins which are usually seen for their practical purpose but never percieved as a color or symbol.

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