Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mai Lamore Interview

Mai Lamore's shoes are a true piece of luxury art. Her shoes are made out of 18 karat gold and precious stones.
I had the opportunity to ask her a couple of questions...

Q: What mostly inspires you for your collections?
A: I get my inspiration from the street, from museums. I find many things inspiring. At the moment I can see something that will inspire me from the form of a heel or the fabric of a shoe; the shape of a branch, the movement of a feline's hind leg or the texture of a rose just opening.

Q: Most inspiring place you have ever been/seen?
A: Big cities inspire me the most: Paris, London, New York for the architecture of the cities, the sound of voices in the street and the different music to be heard.

Q: What has been the best fashion advice you have received, and from whom?
A: I've never really received any advice. I function by instinct and intuition.

Q: Who would you like to see wearing your shoes?
A: My high luxury models are destined for the women who's looking for rare and exclusive footwear, unique creations that she wont see on another woman's feet.

Q: Which shoe designers do you admire?
A: I admire Jan Jansen. But it was Manolo Blahnik who first made me want to design shoes.

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Anonymous said...

We are all so sad, thinking about her Family.
We will miss you